Claris FileMaker

Leading Certified Developers

Our certified developers have over 20+ experience at delivering Claris FileMaker solutions.

Custom Solutions

All solutions are built from the ground up to meet your exact requirements and needs.

Connecting Data to the Web

Publishing and managing your data on your website has never been easier.

Optimization of Existing Systems

We undertake enhancing of existing customer systems whether built by us or another developer.

Integration with Other Systems

Claris Filemaker has excellent connectivity to other systems you may use such as Quickbooks, Hubspot and many others.

FileMaker Hosting

Specialist FileMaker cloud hosting on dedicatd VPS servers enables you to access your data from anywhere.
Prices from £110 + vat per month

Bespoke Claris FileMaker database solutions & support for existing systems

With one of our bespoke database systems you can have all your company processes immediately available to you, no more multiple Excel spreadsheets or hunting through hard copies for the figures. If you want for instance to know how many orders you took this month, or what invoices are outstanding, you just need to put in the date range and a report is automatically generated for you from all the data you have input.
We specialize in developing bespoke FileMaker App's and offer on going support for existing systems whether built by us or another developer. We work in all versions of FileMaker Pro, on both Mac and PC platforms

claris filemaker dashboard
claris filemaker database

Streamline your Business Today

Our certified developers have over 20 years experience working with all versions of FileMaker enabling them to assist you with all your requirements. Our experience in linking FileMaker Pro to the web is second to none. Systems are built from the ground up based entirely on customer requirements. Advice is given during the process to ensure that the most is gained from the technology available. Developments are based upon fixed price quotations.

We also create FileMaker Pro real time front end interfaces for MySQL and MS SQLServer databases at a fraction of the cost of other interfaces such as VB. Whether you require a new complete system, an upgrade or just some assistance we can offer the perfect solution to meet your needs.